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Uncover the hidden Dublin

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Dublin is a hub of tourist activity, and is infamous for its rich history, amazing architecture, and diverse culture; however, many tourists find it difficult to go off the beaten track within the confinements of the fair city, however, there is an underground Dublin which co-exists with the mainstream chronicle, which is just waiting to be discovered.

Destination Management Company Ireland

As the leading destination management company in Ireland, Silverdale Ireland will go above and beyond to help you and your corporate guests uncover a trail which is off the unconventional beaten track, and indulge in Dublin’s best-kept secrets such as speakeasy bars, restaurants with a twist, and bespoke tours that highlight some of the darkest tales of the city otherwise known by the locals as ‘the big smoke’.

Things to do in Dublin

In 2023, there is plenty of things to do in Dublin, however, this was not the case in 1927.

Prohibition was enforced across the country of Ireland, crippling distilleries, and breweries across the island. However, Ireland being the home to many antinomians, meant that this law was not a deterrent, but an obstacle which was to be overcome. Venues across the country began to pop up in homes, sheds, and even businesses that acted as a front so that citizens could partake in drinking and playing music. These venues were separated into different denominations; the ‘blind pig’, ‘blind tiger’, or a ‘speakeasy’.

The blind pig and blind tiger venues were typically for lower-class attendees, who partook in drinking, and playing music, whereas the speakeasy offered a more luxurious offering for the upper classes, where they could enjoy premium cocktails in elitist surroundings.

The little pig (also known as the Blind Pig) is one of Dublin's most exclusive speakeasy bars and is hidden in plain sight, in a secret location that will only be revealed once you have made a reservation. Once we have organised a suitable date and time for you and your corporate travel group to arrive, you will be provided with a secret password, which you will need to declare on arrival. This authentic Irish pub experience is like no other that you will have anywhere else in Ireland and is on Silverdale Ireland’s ‘must see’ venues.

Just off Capel Street, there is a very ordinary-looking Korean grocer, but what lies hidden deep inside is nothing less than extraordinary, serving premium Korean and Asian dishes in a colloquial yet quirky setting. The White Rabbit has become one of Dublin’s’ most renowned dining experiences in recent years, offering delicacies which both delight and surpass the local's expectations. You and your guests will never be disappointed with a trip to White Rabbit when you book your trip with Irelands' leading destination management company, Silverdale Ireland.

For thrill-seekers and true crime enthusiasts, Dublin has the most amazing supernatural walking tour on the Northside, where for two hours, you’ll hear the grizzly tales of the Vikings who showed no mercy and even visit the sites where countless sightings of ghostly figures and strange occurrences have been reported.



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